Learning is something we all need to keep doing in our pursuit of Adventure. We can never know it all. At the beginning of 2018 it was decided to start a community Blog in order to help disseminate information about the Adventure Industry in South Africa, and in particular about training and the options available.

We are also hoping the Blog will stimulate discussion and help bring different organisations together to work for a unified industry. READ THE POSTS HERE.

This is a brand new process and we are still looking for passionate people who would be willing to volunteer their time to write posts about their favorite topics. It could be soft or hard skills relating to the adventure industry, specific training on a topic or two, thoughts on recent events in the news, or advice on how to get involved in the industry. ‘Almost’ anything goes, so long as it is relevant and complies with our basic site conditions.

Access to the site is free to all, but if you would like to comment on any post, you will need to register as a subscriber.

Get Involved

If you are passionate about a topic and would like to write some posts, feel free to register as a contributor and we will make you a contributor. Thereafter you can post away at will helping to professionalise the industry and spread the passion you have.