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For me the next level in Trip Planning, means getting to know the areas you run your trips in – not the geography of the area but the history and other operators working in the same area.

A good guide will know their activity really well and will run a safe trip for their clients. A great guide however will add to the experience with information – you become an ambassador for your country. So get to know the history of the area you operate in so you can inform your clients about this history and what makes the area so special.

By getting to know what the other operators do in the area you operate in, you will be able to suggest other points of interest to your clients as most of us are with clients for a couple of hours at least, so you will be getting to know all about their interests and it makes you come across as informed and knowledgeable which is great customer service.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to be guided by different people in all sorts of activities and those who had information to share that was historical or funny or helpful has meant that I remember those guides far better than those who were technically competent in the activity they were running but whose “people skills” and customer service was very lacking or non-existent.

Top Tip: When talking to a group, make sure they are looking at the view so what you are saying becomes relevant to what they are seeing. See picture at the top.

Strive to be the great guide!

Next time… Explore your area.

Michelle owns Globetrotting My Way and has 22 years experience planning trips.

Michelle Friedemann

Author: Michelle Friedemann

I have been involved in the Adventure Tourism industry for over 20 years, starting off assisting on guided trips and then running the administration for our own businesses as well as working with a specialist Battlefields guide. After moving to the UK I started working for a UK based Adventure tour operator which was then taken over by an Australian tour operator, in their UK based office. I now run my own travel agency and am backed by an award winning company. With all this experience I am able to assist my customers find their best ever holiday as I understand each trip from the ground operator's perspective - the guides in each country - all the way through to the tour operators in other countries. My passion is for my customers to have their best holiday experience possible and it is my knowledge in tour planning that helps me make that a reality.

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